In this section, you will learn how to:

  1. Set up your contact list in Microsoft Excel
  2. Import your contact list into CentrixOne
  3. Adjust the default fields and custom fields.

We know how important your existing contacts are to your business. That's why CentrixOne enables you to import an external contact list and customize the different fields that will be linked to this list. You can link a list by simply keeping basic information such as name, phone number, e-mail address, etc. However, you can also keep your company-specific information by creating custom fields in CentrixOne.

1. Setting up your contact list with Microsoft Excel

To import an existing contact list into CentrixOne, you first need to ensure that it is in a compatible format, as a Microsoft Excel file (.xls). It is possible that you have a list in another format. In this case you will need to convert it.

Note: Most contact management systems (Outlook, Gmail, iCal, etc.) will let you download a contact list in .csv format that can be read by Microsoft Excel and subsequently saved in Excel format (.xls ).

Guide for Outlook
Guide for Gmail

Once your contact list is in the correct format (.xls), you can start setting it up for import. 

Make sure all column (or category) headings appear in the first row of your Excel spreadsheet. 

This is required for the information found in the list to be recognized automatically by CentrixOne. This picture shows several basic fields (first name, last name, phone, etc.), as well as custom fields (internal ID number, industry and business type). CentrixOne can recognize these fields but only if they are configured as described above.

Not: Ensure consistency in labels, i.e. if contact "Robby Krieger" is labelled with "Web Dev" in business sector and "John Densmore"  is labelled with "Web developer", both will be registered by CentrixOne but will considered to have different values. Also be consistent as much as possible in the format used for phone numbers (among others) - avoid using both 123-456-7890 and (321) 654-0987 in the same list for example. Always keep your list as standardized as possible.

Once you list is complete and standardized and that you have verified your custom fields, you will be ready to import your data into CentrixOne.

2. Importing your contact list into CentrixOne

To import your contact list into CentrixOne, click on SETTINGS and select Data Import.

Then, click on the Select File button.

Select the Excel file you want to import and click on UPLOAD THE FILE TO CENTRIX ONE.

Once that is done, you can then decide whether to import this list into an existing contacts list or create a new one.

By default, there will only be one list in you CentrixOne account when it gets created that will be named "Master DB" (Master Database). You can import your contacts in it or you can create a new list.

Once your list has been selected or created, you can proceed to the next step by clicking on the MATCH FIELDS tab.

3. Adjusting default fields and custom fields

From this point, there is just one last, important step: linking the fields in your list to those in CentrixOne.

To do this, choose one column title for each of the fields.

Note: You may have noticed that some fields are recognized, but some aren't. This is normal and may happen to you. CentrixOne is an intelligent platform; however, due to formatting or labeling issues, it may not recognize some of your fields. You may need to give it a little help by selecting some fields manually.

Also, there are two important sections to take note of. The Contacts section and the Accounts section. Information in both sections varies. The Contacts section is reserved for information about an individual contact, while the Accounts section is for information relating to the business account linked this contact.

Once all fields have been properly configured, click the IMPORT DATA button and wait for the import to proceed.

Note: The process can be instantaneous or take some time - it depends on the number of contacts in your list. In general, the process is very fast, taking only a few minutes even for users with tens of thousands of contacts.

Once all of this has been done, you should have access to all your contacts in the CONTACTS module and the fields should be filled in correctly, including the custom fields.

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