In this section, you will learn how to:

  1. Create, manage and delete contacts
  2. Use default fields
  3. Use custom fields
  4. Manage lists
  5. Optimize the use of contacts in CentrixOne

1. Creating, managing and deleting contacts

To create a contact, when in the CONTACTS module, click on the + ADD CONTACT button located in the upper right corner of the page.

The contact creation form will pop up.

You can enter your new contact's information.

Note: It is not mandatory to fill out all the fields, however it is recommended to enter as much information as possible. This can be useful for filtering your contacts or sending mass emails based on certain criterion.

Once the contact form has been filled out, click on the SAVE button in the lower left corner of the form.

You should now be able to see the contact card you've just created.

You can edit a contact's information at any time from the CONTACTS module by selecting the contact you want to edit in the list and clicking on EDIT in the top right corner.

Similarly, if you want to delete a contact, just click on the DELETE button to the right of the EDIT button.

2. Using default fields

A contact card holds all the basic information you may need about that contact.

Basic information can be found in the CONTACT tab of a contact card.

Note: By default the contact card will initially display the CONTACT tab. It is not necessary to click on CONTACT unless you have previously changed tabs and want to return to the default fields.

3. Using custom fields

CentrixOne also offers custom fields. Your company likely has its own set of needs that go beyond the basic default fields. That's why we've given the account administrators the ability to create custom fields in the PROFILING tab of a contact card.

Here, is an example of a contact with information entered in the Business Type, Activity sector and Internal ID custom fields. You can create an unlimited number of custom fields based on your own needs.

Note: Custom fields are the same for all contacts. In other words, you cannot create different fields for different contacts.

4. Managing lists

CentrixOne uses lists to store contacts. Lists can be used to separate different contact categories (customers, business partners, etc.) in order to optimize a search for contacts or contacts selection for mass mailing. 

To access the lists, click on the LISTS module.

The lists menu will pop up.

From this menu, you can check or uncheck the lists based on what you want to see. 

Note: By default, your account will have only one list called "Master DB" (Master Database). Account administrators can change the name of that list. Additionally, only administrators or users who have been granted permission from an administrator can create, manage or delete contact lists. Administrators also control who has access to different lists.

5. Optimizing the use of contacts in CentrixOne

It is possible to use other features from within the CONTACTS module or use your contacts lists while using other features in CentrixOne. This way you can create, for example, an opportunity directly from within a contact card. The opportunity will then be linked to a specific contact and be visible form that contact card.

You can create or edit a task for a user and link it to a contact with the TASKS widget. All the tasks related to that contact as well as their completion level will be visible here.

You can create or edit an opportunity and link it to a contact with the OPPORTUNITIES widget. All the opportunities related to that contact as well as their sales stage will be visible here.

You can upload and access documents and link them to a contact with the DOCUMENTS widget.

Finally, you can manage all activities related to a contact with the ACTIVITIES widget. 

This last part will be explained in more detail in a soon to be released article.

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