In this section you will learn how to:

  1. Create, manage, and delete tasks
  2. Manage tasks with the drag & drop function
  3. Use filters to optimize how tasks are displayed
  4. View your tasks in a list format
  5. Understand notifications

1. Creating, managing and deleting tasks

To create a task, click the + ADD A TASK button in the upper right corner of the page.

The task creation form will pop up.

You can then fill out the form according to your needs, such as giving a title to the task, identifying the task type, entering a deadline, assigning one or two users (sales reps) to that task, adding other participants, inserting comments and so on.

Note: You can attach a document to your task, for example, to provide useful information about the task to participants. For more information on how to use and manage documents, you can refer to the "Manage Documents" article (coming soon).

Once the task form is complete, click on the SAVE button at the bottom oft he form to save it.

You can now view and manage your tasks in the TASKS module.

2. Managing tasks with the drag & drop function

You can sort your tasks based on their progress level: NOT STARTED, WAITING, STARTED, and COMPLETED. To change a progress level, use the drag & drop feature to move the tasks around from left to right or right to left.

To delete a task, select it (by clicking on its name) and click the DELETE button in the lower right corner of the form.

Note: You can also create and edit a task in the CONTACTS or ACCOUNTS modules so that it may be attributed to a specific contact or account.

3. Using filters to optimize how tasks are displayed

You can view your tasks more efficiently by using filters. In the top portion of the TASKS module, you can apply a variety of filters to display only those you want to view.

You can also click on ... MORE FILTERS to display additional filter options.

Note: By default the only tasks you can see are those assigned to you for the current month. If you want to view another user's tasks, you must adjust the ASSIGNED TO filter and if you want to view past or future tasks, simply adjust the PERIOD filter.

4. Viewing your tasks in a list format

If you want a more complete view of your tasks, you can display them as a tabloid list by clicking the square shaped button with three lines in the filters menu.

This displays a list that looks like this:

5. Understanding notifications

If you want the user who is assigned to a task to receive an email notification before or on the due date, you must check the Email Alert box in the task creation form.

You will then be able to choose a time for the notification to be sent.

Furthermore, when you create a task, an email notification is sent to the user assigned to it. Unlike the email alert, the notification is automatic and instantaneous, but it is not recurring. Email alerts are therefore quite useful as they serve as reminders.

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