1. Create, manage and delete opportunities
  2. Manage opportunities using the drag & drop feature
  3. Use filters to optimize how opportunities are displayed
  4. View the reports

1. Creating, managing and deleting opportunities

There are two ways to create an opportunity: directly in the OPPORTUNITIES module, or from a contact or account card.

To create one in the OPPORTUNITIES module, click on the + ADD OPPORTUNITY button in the upper right corner of the page.

The opportunity creation form will pop up.

To create an opportunity in the CONTACTS module, select a contact from your list - the contact card will pop up. In the OPPORTUNITIES widget located on the right click on the + button.

Here you can name the opportunities and enter a variety of information, such as expected signature date, cash amount, product associated with the opportunity and quantity and profit margin, the representative who deals with it, probability of success and so on.

You can add more products by clicking the ADD ITEM button.

Once you have completed the opportunity form, click on the SAVE button in the lower left corner to save it.

The opportunity should now be visible in the OPPORTUNITIES widget found in the contact card to which this opportunity is linked.

You can also see this new opportunity in the Overview sub-module.

Note: Users with appropriate permissions can modify an opportunity at any time.

To delete an opportunity, select it (by clicking on its name) in the OPPORTUNITIES or CONTACTS. In the opportunity form , click on the DELETE button located at the bottom.

2. Managing opportunities using the drag & drop feature

You can move around opportunities based on their level of completion.

Note: In our example, the completion level tags are SUSPECT, PROSPECT, ENGAGED, ADVANCED, NEGOTIATING and SIGNED. An account administrator can change these tags names.

To move an opportunity, you can click on the name and change the completion level manually in the opportunity form. Or, simply use the drag & drop feature to move the opportunities around directly in the Overview sub-module.

3. Using filters to optimize how opportunities are displayed

You can filter opportunities in CentrixOne. In the top portion of the OPPORTUNITIES module, you have the option to apply a variety of filters to view only those opportunities of interest to you at that time.

You can also click on ... MORE FILTERS to display additional filter options.

4. Viewing the reports

Finally, you can also obtain an overview of the opportunities in tabloid report formats. In the OPPORTUNITIES module, there are two sub-modules. Reports gives you a more condensed list of your opportunities that you can filter as you wish.

There is also a variety of additional filters.

These function the same way as those available in Overview .

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