1. Use the various CentrixOne Dashboards
  2. Use filters to customize the Dashboard display
  3. Generate reports that can be viewed and used in Excel

1. Using the various CentrixOne Dashboards

You can access the dashboard through the side menu bar here:

You will then be able to see that there are four subsections of the Dashboard that can be accessed:

  • Activities
  • Pipeline
  • Sales
  • Analytics


This section displays all completed, current, or future tasks that are entered in CentrixOne. In addition, depending on your access rights, you may or may not be able to see other users' tasks. This Dashboard shows you a series of cue cards showing the tasks by type, but also statistics on the different users' delay rate (if you have access to it, otherwise it only shows yours).


This section shows you the progress of various ongoing opportunities. This means that you will see all the opportunities that are not final sales. These are displayed in different ways, either in the form of a funnel (also called ‘Pipeline’), a time chart, by sales rep or by product.


This section, unlike the previous one, specifically shows you the final sales. In other words, the opportunities that reached 100% probability. These are presented in the form of a time graph, pie chart, list, or by sales rep and by product.

Web analytics

If you have previously configured it, this section gives you access to an overview of the data accessible about your website directly through Google Analytics.

To learn more about this section, please refer to the following article:

Accessing Google Analytics Directly from CentrixOne

2.Using filters to customize the Dashboard display

At the top of each section of the Dashboard, you can use a variety of filters to help you better visualize the data.

As such, you can see the tasks, opportunities and sales by period, by type, by sales rep, by progress level, etc. 

3.Producing reports that can be viewed and used in Excel

If you see this button anywhere on the Dashboard:

This means that you can export the section in the form of an Excel file. 

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