Note: If you haven't yet configured your email server, you should do so prior to reading this article so that CentrixOne can send emails from your address. See this article for assistance:

Configuring your DNS

CentrixOne features a comprehensive tool to edit, send and monitor your emails.

The tool can be used to complete the following tasks:

  • Use a range of high-quality pre-made templates to send emails rapidly
  • Edit pre-made templates to customize your emails
  • Create your own emails from scratch using the editor
  • Design your own templates
  • Sett up emailing
  • Automate emailing
  • Monitor emails

To get started, go to the EMAIL module

There are 6 tabs:

DRAFTS: To create and view drafts.

Emails under construction remain in this tab until they've been sent. They can then be seen in the "SENT" tab.

SCHEDULED: Displays emails set on time-delay.

Emails displayed here are not in-progress drafts, but rather emails scheduled to be sent at a particular date and time.

SENT: Displays all sent emails.

Sent emails cannot be edited. They can however,  be retrieved by creating a copy that will be placed in the "DRAFT" tab.

AUTOMATED EMAILS: Displays emails sent via automation.

CentrixOne enables you to program automated emails that can be sent out to specific contacts (clients, sales reps, admins, etc.) or for specific reasons (they fit certain criteria, clicked on a given link or button, were invited to a particular event, etc.).

ALL: Displays all your emails from every tab.

TEMPLATES: Displays the templates you've created.

You can create your own templates. This way, once an email has been sent, you won't need to create a copy from a sent email. You can simply reuse the same template.

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