After an email campaign has been sent, you can monitor its status in the SENT tab of the EMAIL module. This tab displays a list of all the emails you have sent. To see the statistics page, click on the chart icon to the right of the email you wish to obtain info on.

You will see useful information about the selected email on this page.

In this example, the information displayed is quite limited because the email campaign and contacts were not real. However, when a real email is sent, the information displayed would look something like this:

Here, we see the total number of emails sent and the open rate/click rate (if your email contains a clickable link or a form).

Also provided is information on the bounced emails. This can mean, among other things, that the recipient's inbox is full or has been programmed with an out-of-office reply.

Invalid emails are adresses with an incorrect format: [youraddress@service.domain].
are those having clicked on the "unsubscribe" link/button (likely included at the bottom of your email) meaning you no longer have the permission to email them.

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