Before entering content into your email, you have to think about its container structure. The structure comprises different sections that you can drag and drop into the different rows of your email.

A row is a horizontal section whose height varies based on what it contains. A single row can be divided into a maximum of 4 columns, enabling you to insert objects side by side. You can add as many rows as you want in your email.

When empty, the different types of structural section look like this:

As you can see, rows can be divided into multiple columns (up to 4) and different widths can be selected within a single row.

This can help you achieve an email that looks like this: 

Rows can be moved around at any time. Also, deleting an entire row (instead of just its content) will automatically delete all of the content within it.

Each row has its own set of properties. This allows you to select different colors and design styles for each row, if desired.

For example, you could choose to apply a specific background color to an entire row, to all of its elements or to only one of its elements. This means you can select different colors for different columns within a single row, as shown in the previous image.

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