1. Create and modify web forms using the editor
  2. Configure the web form settings

CentrixOne comes with an included form editor (except with the Solo plan)allowing you to capture leads directly on your website and add them automatically to the contact list of your choice without having to program the HTML code yourself. Everything is done easily and quickly through drag & drop and is fully customizable.

1. Create and modify web forms using the editor 

The form editor is in the side menu bar as shown below:

Creating a new form

To create a new form click on  + ADD A FORM:

All you’ll have to do next is give it a name and click on SAVE.

Otherwise, you can use an existing form as per the example below:

Building a form

You can always edit an existing form by selecting it. If this form has been exported to a web page or e-mail, it will be changed wherever it is present without exception.

Once your form is created, you can see that it is empty by default except for the “SAVE” button. You can then add the fields to fill out according to your needs simply by inserting them in the form on the right:

You can add the basic fields just like the custom fields that were previously created.

Editing fields

Each of the fields you add can be renamed, edited, and customized. For example, consider a form used to manage e-mail subscriptions sent by a fictional company. If we place the cursor over one of the fields, it becomes surrounded by a purple rectangle.

You can remove the field from the form by dragging it to the left list or by clicking on the X. 

You can move the field within the form by clicking on the button with three lines.

You can change the properties of the field by clicking on the gear button. 

You will then see a list of different settings applicable to the selected field:

2. Configure your form settings

By clicking on the SPECIFICATIONS tab, you can change the overall settings of the form.

You will then be able to modify the size of the form, its language (for the date format, but also for the language of multiple choice answers), its colors as well as the list to fill out.

You will notice that there are two sub-tabs inside the SPECIFICATIONS tab: FORM and BUTTON. The first contains the properties of the form and the second contains the properties of the confirmation button:

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