In this section, you will learn how to:

  1. Customize form settings
  2. Customize the settings for the "submit" button
  3. Customize the confirmation message

1. Customizing form settings

CentrixOne forms can be customized overall, in addition to the ability to customize individual fields.

The style settings that can be changed are:


You can edit the width of your form as well as that of the fields.  

However, be careful: if you choose fields that are a quarter width and you choose the smallest width for the form, your fields will be extremely short. This may work if the data to be entered are numbers or a ‘yes’or ‘no’, but in our example it would be impossible to enter the full address, city and country.


You can choose the language of your form. It will not change the field titles (because you name them), but it will change the format for the dates (dd/mm/yyyy or yyyy/mm/dd) in addition to changing the answer value in multiple choice drop-down menus.

Background color

The background color changes the color of the entire form except for the fields. Those are transparent by default, so they will take the color of the background. However, if you give them a color, they will take on that color:

Font color on the thank you page

When people fill out your form and save it, a thank you message appears.You can always change the color of the font to fit with the color of the background.

Be careful. The default color is white so if you don’t have a background color, you won’t see the message!

Default font

Allows you to change the font of your form. The choices available are all web safe, meaning they are compatible with all versions of all browsers.

List to populate

A form will always populate only one of your contact lists. This is where you can determine which list will be filled.

2. Customizing the settings of the “Submit” button

You can edit the “Submit” button of your form:

It’s possible to change the basic color of the button, the color it takes when the cursor passes over it (‘hover color’) and the text that appears in the button.

3. Customizing the confirmation message

Finally, you can edit the thank you / confirmation message that appears when the form is saved.

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