You’re now at the last step! Export and use your form.

Export to a web page

Exporting a form is very easy. Just click on the EXPORT FORM tab, click PUBLISH and then COPY by selecting the website editor of your choice, then, copy everything in the code of the web page where you want to insert the form.

The HTML code that is generated is an <iframe>, so it doesn’t require any changes on your part. Just copy / paste as is and you're done! In addition, the information entered in the form will be sent to your CentrixOne database no matter where the form was placed.

Export to an email

Finally, it’s also possible to add the form to an e-mail. When you add an item to an e-mail, select “Dynamic content” and you will be able to insert the form of your choice.

The form is not visible in the email editor, but it will be if it is sent and it will also be visible in preview mode.

For more information on the email editor, refer to this section of our user guide.

This allows you, if you wish, to create a landing page to host your form easily and quickly without having to modify your website.

If you click on the three points at the top right of the email editor and then on Preview email, it will open the e-mail in another page with the form being visible... and fully functional!

The page that opens next can be reused anytime. If you copy the URL and put it in a hyperlink on your website, it will remain indefinitely accessible.

Be careful though: if you edit the form or delete it in CentrixOne, the redirect page will still work, but the form will no longer appear.

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