Since Google’s last update, you can no longer connect email addresses to CentrixOne for email synchronization. However, mailboxes hosted on the professional and paid version of Google, called Workspace (formerly G-Suite), remain 100% compatible with CentrixOne.

How do I authorize CentrixOne to access data from a Google account?

Important note: you must follow the steps below before connecting your Google account to CentrixOne.

1 - First, access the Google account’s administration console (called Google Admin) by going to and click on Security.

2 - Click on API controls.

3 - Click on Manage Third-Party App Access

4 - Click on Configure new app.

5 - Select the OAuth App Name Or Client ID option.

6 - Copy the following character string into the search bar:

Important note: In order to ensure you select the correct version, do not directly search for the term CentrixOne, as it is already registered with Google for various features.

7 - Select CentrixOne.

8 - Check the OAuth Client ID box to select all the boxes, and then click SELECT.

9 - Check the Trusted: Can access all Google services option. Then click on CONFIGURE.

Once these steps are completed, you can return to and connect your mailbox to CentrixOne.

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