How to track communications with your contacts directly from CentrixOne

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CentrixOne is equipped with an email account connector enabling you to consolidate your conversations in your database.

How does it work?

Once your email is connected, you will be able to see sent and received messages directly in your CentrixOne email client, as long as the applicable email addresses are associated with contacts in your database.

In summary, if you send a message to a specific address and that address is associated with one of your contacts in CentrixOne, you'll see this message appear in the EMAILS tab in the ACTIVITIES section of this customer file.

What messaging services does it work with?

Most services are compatible with the connector. The easiest to configure are:

·Gmail / Google Apps / G Suite

·Microsoft Office 365 /




Important Notice

As of Feb. 11th 2021, all adresses are no more compatible following a Google security protocol update. Only the addresses using your own domain name, but being hosted on GSuite / Workspace will be compatible with CentrixOne.

However, most addresses that use the IMAP protocol can be configured with the connector.

Here is how to connect your email address:

Go into SETTINGS and then to Email integration:


Then enter your email address:

If your messaging service is offered by one of the major providers mentioned above, you will be directed to the latter's login page. Then all you have to do is enter your password, accept the Terms of Use and you're done!

However, if the email service is linked to your web host or a lesser-known email service, you will need to complete an additional manual setup step to proceed.

You must choose Other:

Then you will be prompted to enter the following information:

The IMAP host, the SMTP host and the ports assigned to them. These can be found in your mailbox settings or in your host’s documentation.

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