To import data in a multiple choice field, make sure that the custom field in which you wish to import has already been created and that the different values found in your Excel file have been created as choices for this field.

CentrixOne was built to be a multilingual software. Therefore, you should add the choices in both English and French if you work in both languages.

You don't actually have to translate your fields if you don't use French. You can simply type the same thing for both languages.

How to format the data in your Excel file

In order to be able to import in a multiple choice field, you will also need to enter the values in both languages in your Excel file. Once again, you don't actually have to translate them if that's not useful to you.

The required format is the following:

Value in French 1::Value in English 1;; Value in French 2;;Value in English 2;;etc.

You need to split the different languages of a value by using 2 colons (::) and the values themselves by 2 semi-colons (;;). The order in which the values are placed is irrelevant.

Using our example from above, if you wanted to put in the values Blue and Green, it would look like this:


Or like this if you only use English:


Once all that is done, you can import your file as usual. You may also refer to our guide if needed.

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